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First of all let's introduce ourselves, even though many people in our field already know us. Since many years IFET provides the show operators with a high quality service and a constant full support. Our professionality and our creativity, along with the most advanced equipment by the best brands (De Sisti, Martin, Strand, QuarzColor, Spotlight, Clay Paky, Bose), let us become one of the leading names in our field: our primary goal is the customer's satisfaction!

Special events

We answer the Italian fashion requirements with pride: prestigious stylists as Gianfranco Ferrè, Lancetti, Mila Schön, Valentino ask often for our support and we have been offering them our experience and know-how for their most successful fashion shows over the last few years.


Our institutional reference was the theater ever. Culture, ethics and technology are its belongings and infuse us a professional serenity not so common to other types of events. We had great theatrical experiences and our passion and reason for pride is doing easy the technicians work , even the most difficult, For them we have any different and modern kind of equipment and can satisfy every needs. The reliability of the materials, the providing continuity , prompt assistance and the simplification of assembly is our main target.

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